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Group introduction

Group introduction

Guangdong guanxing ceramic enterprise co., ltd was founded in 1995, which is a modernized and innovative private enterprise group integrating production, scientific research, sales and service. The company has three famous architectural ceramic brands, such as "Romario Ceramics", "Guanxingwang Ceramics" and "Gusto Ceramics". Products are sold to many regions in domestic and abroad.

Guanxing group has a modern garden-style environmental protection industrial park in yuantan,qingyuan, guangdong, with a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB, covering an area of 800 mu. The industrial park takes automatic, intelligent and green construction standard, equipped with new automated digital building ceramic production equipment, intelligent storage equipment and environmental protection equipment, a comprehensive use of advanced technology and management mode, with scientific and standardized programming management, innovation and new product research and development of series products of lean production, professional production and operation of various high quality building ceramic products. Such as oversized materials-slabs, large sized-supreme plates, rustic tiles-supreme stone full body tiles, marble tiles-royal stone, landscape tiles-granite tiles, pastoral tiles-pastoral products, modern antique tiles-cool stone generation, wooden tiles-royal wood, new vision tile-ceramic wall tiles, polished tiles ,art background wall, etc. With excellent quality and service, Guanxing group get approval and praise from the customers in domestic and overseas. And get the Shanghai world expo China pavilion, Beijing metro line 6, the Anti-Japanese War memorial, country garden city forest in Malaysia, Beijing baidu mansion, qingyuan international hotel and other well-known building.

Guanxing group has established a perfect marketing system in China, and has built a strong international sales network with innovative products and professional services. In China, the three major brands have established thousands of brand stores and established a mature and stable domestic distribution network. In abroad, Guanxing group has successively established the sales network in many countries and regions all over the world. It’s agents or services throughout southeast Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, etc., products are exported to Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, India and other dozens of countries and regions of the world, Guanxing group is increasingly becoming China construction ceramics enterprise group with international influence.

Guanxing group adhering to the "communication, interaction and progress and win-win" business philosophy, to "specialization, modernization and globalization" development strategy as the guidance, strengthening independent research and development innovation, speed up the promotion of brand comprehensive competitiveness on a global scale. And will continue to implement the "construct the valuable brand of ceramics and ceramic enterprises with happiness" spirit of enterprise, dedicated to create the international ceramic brand, committed to create a healthy and comfortable living space for the general customers to provide continuous innovation value.

Brand story

Group introduction

Originated from Europe, combined with China and the west, deduce eternal classics

In the middle of the fifth century, in order to protect the natural environment and national cultural relics, King guromalio encouraged the development of new building decoration materials to meet the growing demand for decorative materials in urban construction. The ancient Roman craftsmen creatively improved the ceramic technology originated from China and invented a new decorative material tile. As a substitute of natural stone, tile material came into being. It originates from Europe and integrates China and the West. Based on the admiration for the historical contribution of the king of colomalio to protect the environment and carry forward the classic Italian culture and art, as well as the mission of inheriting China's Millennium ceramic culture, in 1999, the brand of Romario tile was founded in Foshan, the capital of modern ceramics in China. Since the founding of the brand, romanio has been committed to "go with classic art" as the core concept of the brand, with process innovation and design creativity as the core driving force, striving to take the development of the brand, and to produce high-quality tile products with environmental protection, intelligence and automation technology, so as to provide continuous innovation value for beautifying human living space.

Brand profile

Group introduction

Continuous innovation to build a century old enterprise

Romario Ceramic tiles, founded in 1999 in Foshan, the modern ceramic capital of China, is the core building ceramic brand of Guangdong Guanxing Ceramic Enterprise Co., Ltd. Romario brand has focused on the ceramic industry for 21 years, focusing on high-quality glazed tiles, and has developed into a full-category comprehensive building ceramic brand with glazed tiles as the core. The business covers the whole value chain of tile design, R & D, production, sales and space solutions. The consolidation of its brand position in the industry depends not only on its years of innovation and development and quality value, but also on its huge human resource support. Romario has excellent ceramic R & D, production and marketing personnel, and 90% of the R & D and management personnel have a university degree or above.

Romario brand stores throughout the country, and in many countries and regions in the world to establish a sales network, its international agents or service providers throughout the Americas, Australia, Europe, Asia, products are exported to Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, India and other dozens of countries and regions. Romario is increasingly becoming a building pottery brand with high influence in the high-end market. Its success is based on its sophisticated marketing system, innovative products and professional services.

After years of experience accumulation, Romario has established a sophisticated quality assurance system and environmental assurance system, excellent sales and service system and diversified product types in accordance with international standards. With these excellent system guarantees, Romario has won a number of honors: the ISO9001 international quality system certification issued by the Swiss notary, the "Certificate of adopting International Standard products Mark Certificate" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and Technology in the industry, and was rated as an AAA credit enterprise. Romario was appraised as the trademark of Guangdong Province by the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2005, won the Antique Brick Market Development Award in 2006, won the Antique Brick Outstanding Quality Award in 2008, won the "Top Ten Star Enterprises of Building Ceramics" in 2009, and "Romario" won the "China well-known Trademark" in 2013. Over the years, it has successively won the honors such as "Top three Brands of Chinese Antique Brick", "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Antique Brick", "Outstanding Enterprise of the year" and "excellent New products" of the ceramic industry. Romario has become the brand of choice for many high-end residences, star hotels, colleges and universities, municipal engineering and commercial chains. For example: Beijing Metro Line 6, Beijing Baidu Building, China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, country Garden Malaysia Forest City, Qingyuan International Hotel and so on.

As an early ceramic enterprise in the field of antique bricks in China, Romario ceramic tiles has focused on the antique brick industry for 21 years, and it committed to the research and development of high-tech ceramic products and the exploration of modern residential space environment decoration. It has always been famous in the industry for the scientific and technological innovation of ceramic materials and the creativity of space art. After years of innovation and development, Romario has won a number of national patents and established a deep foundation of independent intellectual property rights. Especially since the founding of the brand, Romario has attached great importance to product research and development, and has established a continuous strategic cooperative relationship with foreign design studios, and has always been at the forefront of the global tile design trend with innovative technology and original design. Romario has established the full-range, full-specification, full-accessories, full-color series product structure including oversized materials-slabs, supreme plates, marble tiles- the fifth generation of supreme stone, the third generation of supreme stone, the second generation of supreme stone, pastoral tiles-pastoral products, modern antique tiles-cool stone generation, wooden tiles-royal wood, new vision tile-ceramic wall tiles, polished tiles, art background wall, etc.

Romario also spared no effort to increase investment and technology input in manufacturing. Romario tile has a modern garden-style environmental protection production base in Guangdong, located in Yuantan New Industrial Park, covering an area of 800 acres, with an investment of 1.2 billion, and has been completed put into production in 2015. In December 2018, Romario invested 170 million yuan in super high-rise three-dimensional intelligent storage. It belongs to the first building in China's ceramic industry, the second in the world. The effective storage height reached 29 meters, and 44 three-dimensional intelligent storage areas were set up, which can store about 8 million square meters of tile products. To pay tribute to "Made in China 2025", Romario production base is equipped with advanced ceramic production equipment, comprehensive application of advanced technology and management mode. It is famous for its scientific and standardized stylized management, innovative research and development of new product and lean production of multiple series product, specializing in the production and operation of all kinds of high-end building ceramic products. Roamrio Yuantan industrial Park is equipped with high standards in terms of cleaner production, environmental protection and intelligent equipment according to the current requirements of environmental protection and lean production.

Adhering to the artistic concept of "walking with classical art", Romario tiles are determined to extract inspiration from European superb design culture and the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, inherit classical art and advocate modern simple lifestyle. Committed to providing Chinese elites with artistic, personalized and boutique living space solutions. Looking to the future, Romario will continue to reform and innovate to provide consumers with more environmentally friendly, technological and creative products and services; following the guidance of the industrial spirit, Romario will focus more on transforming technological innovation and artistic creativity into space solutions for decorative functions, and dedicate continuous innovative value to beautifying the human living environment. Romario tiles blend China and the West, thoroughly study the typical life behavior and home decoration preferences of users, simple and innovative products, is your tile quality choice.

Brand culture

Brand Culture
  • 企业价值观
    Enterprise values

    communication, interaction, progress and win-win

  • 企业愿景
    Enterprise vision

    continuous innovation to build a century old enterprise

  • 企业使命
    Enterprise mission

    Building a valuable ceramic brand, building a ceramic enterprise with a sense of happiness, and building a ceramic enterprise with a sense of social responsibility

  • 品牌理念
    Brand concept

    Walk with classic art

  • 品牌定位
    Brand positioning

    European style antique brick maker, the first echelon brand of high-end tile

  • 品牌使命
    Brand mission

    Inheriting classic art and beautifying human living space

  • 品牌内涵
    Brand connotation

    Space has a big scope, advocating modern simple luxury lifestyle

Brand honor

  • Strength Qualification
  • Brand Honors
  • Certified Product
  • Other

Development History

development path
  • 1999年

    In 1995, the parent company of Roman Leo, Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established. In August 1999, Guanxing Group invested heavily and officially entered the field of antique tiles. The Roman Leo brand was born. It was the first to introduce antique tiles from Europe to China and became one of the earliest ceramic tile brands in the domestic ceramic industry. In 1999, Roman Leo's first antique brick product was born.

  • 2000年

    In April 2000, the Roman Leo trademark was approved as a registered trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; In 2000, it obtained ISO9001 certification issued by a Swiss notary. On August 28, 2000, the "Roman Leo Innovation Conference" was held in Xiqiao Mountain, Nanhai. The conference invited Taiwanese marketing master Bai Chongxian and guests to conduct interactive training, setting a precedent in the industry.

  • 2001-2002年

    In January 2001, the Roman Leo Marketing Summit was held, and the concept of "communication, interaction, progress, and win-win" was put forward; In September 2001, Roman Leo passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification; In 2001, it passed the 3C compulsory certification and ISO9001 certification. In July 2002, Roman Leo unified the store image; In September 2002, Roman Leo participated in Tianjin Building Materials Exhibition and Shanghai International Building Materials Exhibition.

  • 2003-2004年

    From 2003 to 2004, "Foshan Sanshui Roman Leo Ceramics Co., Ltd." was established. In 2003, Roman Leo's first modern antique brick product went on the market, leading the industry coordinated trend.

  • 2004-2006年

    In 2004, the fifth marketing summit was successfully held; In 2005, the Roman Leo cool stone generation • matt brick series went on the market. In 2006, Roman Leo carried out a huge "terminal upgrade" activity across the country.

  • 2007年

    In January 2007, Roman Leo officially entered the "Porcelain Source" Expo Center of Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Group located in Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, Chancheng District, Foshan City; In August 2007, the sales elite learning exchange meeting was held in Xiqiao Mountain; In October 2007, the national decoration mobilization event of "Furniture, country decoration, world decoration, decoration care and love".

  • 2008年

    In 2008, the opening ceremony of Roman Leo flagship store in Dalian and the national tour of "Classic Art in China"; In March 2008, the four ace series of antique bricks, "Classic Family, Cool Stone Generation, Long Day, and European Porcelain Classic" appeared one after another; In April 2008, Guanxing Business School was grandly established; Guanxing Group Company Quality Control Department was established; In November 2008, Foshan Mayor Chen Yunxian visited Guanxing Enterprise for guidance. .

  • 2009年

    In January 2009, the "New Starting Point, New Thinking, New Leap" Marketing Summit was grandly held; In March 2009, the foundation laying ceremony of Foshan Chancheng (Qingxin) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park was held; In March 2009, won the "Annual Influential Enterprise" award; In April 2009, the Roman Leo Chinese Ceramic City Store opened grandly; In April 2009, Zhao Leji, Secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and Lin Yuan, Secretary of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee, visited the Roman Leo Tile Store for guidance; In July 2009, a press conference for the 10th anniversary celebration of Roman Leo antique bricks was held; In August 2009, "2009 China Antique Brick Interior Designers Grand Prix and the selection of the top ten national designers in the Roman Leo Cup"; In December 2009, "Royal Stone" series "Excellent Ceramic New Products" Award.

  • 2010年

    In 2010, the "2009 China Antique Brick Interior Design Grand Prix" was successfully held. In March 2010, the Suzhou Flagship Pavilion was grandly opened, and the designer salon of "Home Improvement and Feng Shui Lecture" was held at the same time; In March 2010, the "Annual Outstanding New and Sharp Product" award was awarded by the New and Sharp List; In April 2010, "Together in the same boat and win-win competition" marketing development training; In May 2010, Xinjiang flagship store opened in Urumqi Guanghui Mercure Logistics Park; In July 2010, the Porcelain Source Expo Center of Roman Leo Ceramics Co., Ltd. was rebuilt and unveiled; In July 2010, the European Classic Art Experience Festival was launched; In July 2010, the award ceremony for the selection of the top ten national designers was held; In August 2010, "Hundreds of Refined Steels Create More Brilliance" Sales Elite Training; In September 2010, "Sales Master Promotion Camp" sales elite training; On September 18, 2010, the Fuzhou flagship store was unveiled; On October 23, 2010, Zhejiang Dongyang flagship store opened grandly.

  • 2011年

    In March 2011, the 2011 Marketing Summit of Roman Leo Tiles was grandly held with "Plenty of Accumulation and Gathering Strength"; In March 2011, Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise (Roman Leo parent company) Qingyuan Yuantan New Industrial Park grandly laid the foundation and started construction; In April 2011, "Gather strength, leapfrog and win-win" marketing elite competition camp; In September 2011, "Design Without Boundaries, Mercure World" Nanning Interior Designers Summit Forum; In October 2011, "Creative Furnishings, Charming Soft Decorations" Harbin Interior Design Summit Forum; In September 2011, Kunming Dashanghui flagship store opened grandly, and the famous film star Xia Jiawei came to the scene; In October 2011, won the honor of the top three brands of antique bricks in Guangdong; In December 2011, the award ceremony of "Classic Art and Charming Home" Shanghai 2011 Excellent Interior Designer Competition; In December 2011, the top ten building ceramic star enterprises in 2011; In December 2011, the exhibition hall of the top ten Jiantao sanitary ware brands in 2011; In December 2011, the Roman Leo brand trademark was recognized as a famous trademark in Guangdong Province.

  • 2012年

    "Shouzheng is surprisingly high-end leap" Roman Leo Tiles 2012 distributor annual meeting was held. In 2012, Roman Leo's high-end pastoral tiles-pastoral still product series were launched. In 2012, together with Foshan Huang Feihong Lion Dance Troupe, launched the "Dancing China" series of brand promotion activities. In 2012, together with China's first car model, Zhai Ling, launched a large-scale celebrity and president tour signing event. Roman Leo Tiles won the title of "Top Ten Characteristic Antique Brick Brands" issued by Guangdong Home Building Decoration Materials Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2013年

    "Consolidate the source and strive for the advancement" The 2013 distributor annual meeting of Roman Leo tiles was held. In 2013, the registered trademark of Roman Leo was recognized as "China Well-known Trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In cooperation with a number of world champions, we launched a series of brand promotion activities for the "Championship" series. The champion camp includes: Yang Wei, Wang Liqin, Xie Xingfang, Zhao Ruirui, Zhong Man, Li Shanshan, Mo Huilan, Chen Qi and other world champions. Roman Leo tiles were awarded the "Top Ten Brands of Foshan Ceramics" jointly issued by China Building Materials News and Roman Leo Tiles was awarded the "Top Ten Antique Brick Brands" jointly issued by China Ceramics Network, China Building Materials Circulation Association, and China Building Materials Home Economic Index Research Center. The marketing case of “Dancing China” of Roman Leo tiles won the Best Business Case Award of the Ninth China Ceramic Industry Emerging List.

  • 2014年

    "Assemble the crowds and gather wisdom, take advantage of the trend", the 2014 distributor annual meeting of Rom Leo Tiles was held. Roman Leo three-dimensional soft light antique marble garden tiles-Medici series launched. Launched the second season of brand promotion activities of "Championship". The "Championship" parent-child winter camp for the national owners of Rome Leo was successfully held in Sanya. Roman Leo obtained the China Environmental Product Certification. Roman Leo won the honor of "Excellent Exhibition Hall of the Year" in the 10th New Talent List.

  • 2015年

    "Passing on from the fire, the ambition is only far-reaching" The 2015 dealer annual meeting of Roman Leo tiles and the opening ceremony of the group company Yuantan production camp were successfully held. The Qingyuan Yuantan new production camp built by the group company with high standards and a high starting point was completed and put into operation. It covers an area of 800 acres and has a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan. Brick) production line. Introduced the third season brand promotion activities of "The Covenant of Champions". The "Championship" parent-child summer/winter camp for the national owners of Rom Leo was successfully held in Sanya. Roman Leo won the honorary title of "Model Brand of Innovative Brand in China's Ceramics for 20 Years". Roman Leo was awarded the "Famous Trademark Title of Guangdong Province".

  • 2016年

    "Creating Power and Gathering Force • Leading the Way 2016" The 2016 Annual Meeting of Distributors of Roman Leo Tiles was held. Innovatively launched a series of high-end designer activities-Roman Leo Ceramic Tiles Private Meeting Series Foshan Ceramic Culture Tour and Tasting Tour. Launched the fourth season of "Championship" brand promotion activities, badminton world champion Xie Xingfang joined the Roman Leo champion camp. Roman Leodos stone multi-faceted and multi-textured whole-body marble tiles-the first generation series of supreme stone is launched. At the 15th China (Foshan) Private Ceramic Sanitary Entrepreneur Annual Meeting, Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd. won the 2016 Top Ten Building Ceramics Enterprise Roman Leo Tiles "Private Meeting" series of event planning, won the 2016 Excellent Ceramic Sanitary Ware Brand Planning Case.

  • 2017年

    "Wind Direction Jane Luxury Leading Creation 2017" Rome Leo Tiles 2017 Distributor Annual Meeting was held. Introduced the 2nd generation full body brick of Supreme Stone (full body + multi-stone multi-faceted multi-texture). Launched "Cool Stone Generation" modern antique bricks (four series of artistic cement, modern cloth pattern, textured rock, and Colour) The fifth season of the "Championship" brand promotion campaign was launched. Wang Liqin, Zhao Ruirui, Zhong Man, and Xie Xingfang became the guests of the 2017 Roman Leo Championship. In 2017, the 13th "China Ceramics Industry Oscar" Award Ceremony was held, and the Roman Leo Jane Luxury Exhibition Hall won the "Annual Excellent Exhibition Hall" award. In 2017, it passed OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In 2017, it was awarded the honor of "Top Ten Modern Antique Brick Enterprises in Foshan" by the Guangdong Construction Engineering Green Development Association. In 2017, it was awarded the "Most Influential Brand in the Market (Modern Antique Brick)" issued by the China Building Materials Market Association. In 2017, it was awarded the honor of "2017 Top Ten Building Ceramics Innovative Enterprise" by Foshan General Chamber of Commerce.

  • 2018年

    "Leader first defines the future" The 2018 distributor annual meeting of Roman Leo Tiles was held. In 2018, we launched the flagship large-size sheet tiles of the 900X1800.750X1500 specifications, the third generation of the supreme stone, modern antique tiles (palermo terrazzo, Portland cement, modern cloth pattern, textured rock, COLOR) and other modern styles. , International style new products. In 2018, the fifth season of the "Championship" brand promotion campaign was launched. Wang Liqin, Zhao Ruirui, Zhong Man and Wang Lin became the spokespersons of the 2018 Roman Leo Championship. In 2018, the international snooker star Judd Trump became the spokesperson of the Roman Leo tile brand In 2018, won the honor of "China Ceramics 2017 Brand Model" issued by China Industrial Cooperation Association In 2018, the Supreme Plate Dragon and Phoenix Chengxiang series won the "Excellent Ceramic Slab of the Year" product award on the cutting-edge list. In 2018, the Supreme Plate Butterfly Dance Allure series won the China Ceramics Golden Award at the China Ceramics Exhibition, and the modern antique brick Ambilight series won the Golden Award for Modern Antiques. In 2018, Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise's slab technology was affirmed by a group of experts, and was selected as the editor-in-chief of the group standard of new ceramic slab paving technology. In 2018, Guanxing Ceramics was recognized as the Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Qingyuan City. In 2018, China Building Ceramics "40 Years and 40 Brands" and China Building Ceramics "Antique Brick Benchmark Brands" issued by the China Building Ceramics "40 Years and 40 Brands" Selection Committee of China Interior Decoration Association, China Ceramics Net, and China Building Ceramics "40 Years and 40 Brands" "honor. In 2018, Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd. passed the national high-tech enterprise assessment. In 2018, Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise passed the certification of "Foshan Ceramics Origin Endorsement and Recording Enterprise" In 2018, Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise won the "Recommended Brand of Complete Installation Project" in the selection of China's ceramic industry.

  • 2019年

    In 2019, Romario tile won the gold brick award as "the leading brand of the year". In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise was awarded the excellent supplier of the year of 2018 in time China. In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the title of "China Ceramic intelligent manufacturing model enterprise". In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the "excellent supplier award" of country garden group. In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the "top 10 marble tile brands" in China's top 10 building and sanitary ceramics brands. In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise was awarded the honor of "the first demonstration pilot enterprise of green manufacturing index of ceramic industry". In 2019, the Romario tile won the 100% big bay Cooperation Award. In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the honor of "high growth small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province". In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprises signed the "benchmark demonstration project of industrial Internet application in ceramic industry cluster" In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the title of "top 10 ceramic tile manufacturing enterprises" In 2019, Guangdong Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the title of "2019 China real estate industry chain strategic integrity quality service supplier" In 2019, Guanxing ceramic enterprise won the title of "provincial enterprise technology center"

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Innovation frontier

Innovation frontier

Romanio tile, adhering to the positioning of European style antique brick brand, focuses on the original technology and product, builds a benchmark with innovative technology and technology, and achieves the top position in the field of antique.

  • NO.1 10d full body inkjet printing technology adopts fully imported system10 channel full body ink-jet printing equipment, perfect integration of enhanced ink infiltration and ink-jet technology, and carries out three-dimensional penetration on the surface of the tile and the green body. The texture is not only perfectly presented on the surface of the tile, but also three-dimensional extended in the brick, so as to achieve the true stone texture of the surface and the inside.
  • NO.2 Whole body cloth technology: it adopts the technology of whole body colored cloth and three-dimensional layered cloth, and the layers of mixed color powder are linearly superimposed and fused to simulate the natural growth process and generation environment of stone materials, perfectly reproduce the color texture and vein levels of stone materials, so that the products really have the same color and texture beauty of stone.
  • NO.3 Laminated glaze technology: using laminated glaze technology, high strength glaze layer is superimposed on the ink-jet printing layer to improve the wear resistance of the product surface. The glaze and ceramic substrate can realize blending and compounding in the process of high-temperature sintering.
  • NO.4 HD soft polishing technology -- using HD fine soft polishing technology, each part of the surface of the tile can be finely polished according to the strength and precision parameters set. The brightness and depth are naturally changeable, the glaze is firmer and harder, and the feeling is more delicate and comfortable.
  • NO.5 Multi Stone, multi surface and multi texture technology: Through Multi Stone, multi surface and multi texture technology and design extraction, Multi Stone superposition, multi texture presentation, high-definition bright surface, soft pearl surface, three-dimensional soft surface, dry grain surface of sandstone, acid pickling retro surface and other surface texture effects are realized, which comprehensively presents the rich and changeable texture of original stone.
  • NO.6 Three dimensional soft light technology adopts flexible module and digital precision control operation to ensure that the special soft glaze and each part of the tile surface can be finely polished according to the set strength and depth parameters, and the brightness and depth change naturally. The sunken ripple texture with more natural arc aesthetic feeling is created on the brick surface, which is full of rich natural feeling and sense of time.
  • NO.7 Sandstone dry grain technology: select high temperature resistant, transparent and clean sandstone dry particles, through the exclusive overall translation cloth technology, the sandstone dry particles are distributed on the special glaze layer, and the glaze is fired at high temperature after dry pressing, so that the texture effect and decorative aesthetic feeling of natural sandstone are formed on the surface of ceramic tile.
  • NO.8 DSi digital fine carving technology adopts imported fine carving ink to form a concave convex surface effect on the product surface, and produces 50 ° light reflection along with the texture through post polishing, forming a crystal and three-dimensional gorgeous texture.
  • NO.9 Super flat diamond glaze technology: using special diamond glaze, through the glaze hard polishing technology, we can make up for the water ripple phenomenon of ordinary full glazed marble tiles. The glossiness of the brick surface reaches 100 degrees, and the Mohs hardness of the brick surface is higher than grade 6.
  • NO.10 4K HD technology - 4K HD technology breaks through the limitation of traditional screen making technology, greatly improves the clarity and delicacy of the product surface, perfectly reproduces the unique texture of natural marble, and makes the surface of the product look bright and beautiful from a distance, and surpasses the decorative effect of the original stone.

Scientific research strength

Romanio insists on promoting innovation with science and technology and creating art with technology. It has invested a lot of money in research and development. It is equipped with excellent ceramic equipment and has established a manufacturing platform in the industry。

Romanio adheres to the road of independent research and development, and has a modern ceramic base in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. The second industrial park, located in Yuantan, Qingyuan, covers an area of 800 mu with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan. The company is equipped with advanced ceramic production equipment, comprehensive use of advanced technology and management mode. It is famous for its scientific and standardized program management, innovative leading new product research and development, and lean production of multiple series products. It specializes in the production and operation of various high-end building ceramic products, including TV background wall, antique brick, microcrystalline stone, marble, polished brick, ceramic tile inner wall tile All kinds of high-end building ceramic products with full color system, full specification, full category and complete matching, etc.

Top 10 brand advantages of Romario tile

Top 10 brand advantages

Ten reasons for choosing Romario tile

  • Green environmental protection

    Green garden type environment-friendly smoke-free production base, equipped with natural gas station to supply energy, dust-free, smoke-free, waste water and waste gas, is an advanced manufacturing demonstration factory of green environmental protection production in the industry.

  • Optimization of raw materials

    Selected high-quality raw materials, carefully fired by high-temperature slow firing process, to produce ceramic tile products that can adapt to all kinds of complex use environment。

  • Leading the original

    Adhere to the original, synchronous international, product fashion simple luxury, create high-end, exclusive eternal classic home aesthetic value for customers.

  • Sharp and deep technology

    A. The glaze technology is exquisite and has won national patents repeatedly. It has 24 years' accumulation of glaze texture polishing technology. With meticulous engineer culture, we have created high-quality ceramic tiles.
    B. The ink jet printing technology is exquisite, and the color and texture adjustment is comparable to that of Italy. It realizes the efficient coordination of design creativity, digital conversion, ink blending and equipment printing and restoration, so that the product color, pattern, texture and texture can reach the realistic effect beyond the natural, leading the industry in the whole body spraying

  • Classic design

    The product adopts classic and eternal design, elegant and comfortable color, texture and luminosity. It is suitable for all kinds of classic decoration styles, such as large-scale plate, whole body stone brick, classic marble tile, modern antique brick, rural antique brick, porcelain wood grain brick, glazed inner wall brick, etc.

  • Intelligent manufacturing

    The intelligent factory covers an area of 530000 square meters. There are 6 production lines in the first phase, which are equipped with 10 sets of digital ink-jet printers, large tonnage continuous ball mill, whole body distributor, large tonnage press, super long and ultra wide natural gas roller kiln, intelligent manipulator, automatic packaging machine and other intelligent and automatic production lines, which pay tribute to "made in China 2025".

  • Modern simple luxury

    Through a thorough study of style trend and lifestyle, integrating China and the West and connecting with the world, we provide consumers with modern, simple, fashionable, elegant and exquisite overall solutions for simple luxury home with exquisite products and elegant design.

  • Choice of big house

    The products of large specifications are the supreme plate, which is equipped with 900x1800mm, 750x1500mm, 600x1200mm, 900x900mm and other specifications. Among them, 750 * 1500 is the original specification of the industry, and the world design is made in China intelligently. Hongmei has a bright future.

  • Champion's choice

    Snooker international superstar Judd trump is a multinational spokesperson, and world champions Wang Liqin, Zhao Ruirui, Zhongman and Wang Lin choose to experience, and Romario tiles are the choice of champions.

  • Strategic cooperation

    Country garden, rongchuang, times China, green city, Huaxia happiness, Sansheng real estate, life home decoration, Shengdu decoration and other famous real estate and home decoration giants' strategic cooperation brands.

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